No Smoking 06/03/2011
Rain Time 04/27/2011
This is about the Rain and the sun.Read this to find out about the sun and Rain.
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Secret School 04/15/2011
This is the Secret School!!
I had to go I was late,
We have to go to school.
The bus is still not here
I have been waiting for three years.
some one just said this is 
not a bus stop!
Cats in town!! 04/12/2011
This is about cats!!Cats in town!!
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Crayons!!!! 03/28/2011
Crayons can talk you know!
Fractions! 03/22/2011
Fractions now!!
No Smoking 01/14/2011
This is about No Smoking!!!
Shape Poem 12/16/2010
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Post Title. 12/02/2010
In class we are learning about 0.0!For ex, say it like one and oneths.